Audience comments

Stage and Screen concert May 2014

From the Players

Thank you so much for the amazing concert.  It is such a pleasure to be involved every year.  I feel very lucky.  

A wonderful concert - it was the most fun one yet.

I really enjoyed playing with the orchestra this year, and am very excited for next year's program.

I have never had so much fun playing in an orchestra 

We have enjoyed being part of the orchestra and concert. It's the first time we've been in an orchestra since moving to Australia and it was wonderful.

I am always so impressed with the standard!

This  ‘show’ was such a success. It was very gratifying to see such a great audience, and the performance was certainly one that we can all be proud of. I have today received many phone calls from friends saying what a great afternoon of music, and asking when the next concert would be.

We have been so impressed with what a fantastic conductor you are David.

From the Audience

The concert was wonderful!! I did so enjoy it

Our friends and family that attended yesterday were truly impressed and enjoyed the concert very much.

I shall certainly be in the audience next year again.

The content was marvellously eclectic, but blended very well.

Excellent program - we enjoyed the performance.

Absolutely wonderful.   Thank you for thinking of inviting us.  We both thoroughly enjoyed the performance and marvelled at the talent.

 From the Soloists

It was such a pleasure to sing with an Orchestra with so much heart. Thank you for the privilege. It was an absolute pleasure and I bet you could tell we had so much fun!. I am grateful to the soulful NSW Doctors Orchestra with everyone in it, a generous audience …..and to the Sydney Eisteddfod and the causes. A very rewarding afternoon. It is a luxury and a blessing to sing with an orchestra, which goes beyond a passion. It's like food and air. 

Thank you for this opportunity! You sounded amazing, the orchestra played so well, and it was good to play with you again! Thank you! I hope another time soon!